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I’ve gone from being ‘Shagger of The Year’ three times, to introducing the Dalai Lama.
Russell Brand earns a playful tug of the beard from the Tibetan spiritual leader on His Holiness’s UK tour.

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What Kind of Buddhist was Steve Jobs, Really? | NeuroTribes

As a young seeker in the ’70s, Jobs didn’t just dabble in Zen, appropriating its elliptical aesthetic as a kind of exotic cologne. He turns out to have been a serious, diligent practitioner who undertook lengthy meditation retreats at Tassajara — the first Zen monastery in America, located at the end of a twisting dirt road in the mountains above Carmel — spending weeks on end “facing the wall,” as Zen students say, to observe the activity of his own mind.

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Until you stop breathing,
there’s more
right with you
wrong with you.
Jon Kabat-Zinn