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I’m thinking about
breaking out
my Emergency Cigarette.

Myself - seconds ago

This Is A Public Service Announcement


I love my profession.
I would never stop.
Relax? I relax
when I work.
It’s my life.
Bette Davis

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I want to feel my life.
I want to stop agreeing
to things I don’t really want.
Living Out Loud, 1998 (via kari-shma)

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I never really enjoyed my youth. There was too much emphasis on having fun.
Sean Hughes (Mantalk -Saturday Magazine - The Times - -7th November 2012)

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People get old, get sick and die. Or they die suddenly. Or their deaths drag on forever.

My friend Tory is dying a slow, excruciatingly painful death of bone cancer.
Eight friends have died of breast cancer.

Polar bears are dying. Honeybees are vanishing. The oceans are drying up. There is a part of me that wants my money back. That wants to say, ‘I didn’t sign up for this. I don’t like the way this whole thing is set up and I won’t participate in it.”

Geneen Roth, Women, Food, and God (via simply-quotes)


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I Believe In You

Kylie Minogue

I Believe In You (from the Abbey Road Sessions) | Kylie Minogue

And if you ever have to go away
Nothing in my world could ever be the same
Nothing lasts forever, but together ‘til then
I’ll give you everything I have again and again

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Insomnia is
my greatest inspiration.
Jon Stewart (via mobocracy)

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My favorite things in life
don’t cost any money.
It’s really clear that
the most precious
resource we all
have is time.
Steve jobs (via quotenick)

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I detest my past, and anyone else’s. I detest resignation, patience, professional heroism and obligatory beautiful feelings. I also detest the decorative arts, folklore, advertising, voices making announcements, aerodynamism, boy scouts, the smell of moth balls, events of the moment, and drunken people.

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My only superstition is a lucky monkey I take with me for all my competitions. I’ve had it since my first competition, so it’s a little battered now.
Tom Daley - from Friday 13th Superstitions issue of ES magazine with the Evening Standard.

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He was not only my Dad, he was my best friend, sounding board, taxi driver, and biggest champion. When I jump from that board at London 2012, it will be for him
Tom Daley (via th0mas-daley)


I did in my life
that was worthwhile
I caught hell for.
Earl Warren


If It Were To Rain Right Now…

my headache would go away,

which is what needs to happen,

so please, action the Rain. 


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Eight #birthdaycountdown #number #word #nashville #screenfont #pixelated #blackandwhite (Taken with instagram)

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Eight #birthdaycountdown #number #word #nashville #screenfont #pixelated #blackandwhite (Taken with instagram)



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Tanita Tikaram Twist In My Sobriety