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I’ve also created a mirror of on Tumblr so you can read and share posts right in your dashboard. I’ve chosen just these few options because I don’t want a pile of sharing crap attached to each post and I know that readers actually use and like Twitter, Tumblr, and even Facebook.

Jason Kottke: redesign, 2012 version. I have to say, the Tumblr mirror is very well done, and it makes a lot of sense (although as a minor quibble, it does mean variant URLs).

A bit of me is sad that even the mighty A-listers of old are feeling the need to put on various service-dependent buttons and mirrors. Another bit is realistic that this is where the eyes are. Ho hum.

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The thing about getting older is coming to terms with diminishing options.

When you’re young you have, or at least think you have, infinite options.

As you get older you realise that was just an illusion.

Constraints, not options, are what create greatness.

So I think that fewer options should be viewed as a gift not a curse.

Coming to terms with that is more easily said than done.

Ash Maurya

Jun 8th, 2008 11:36pm